Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson Fights NFL Suspension

peterson19s-1-webAdrian Peterson might be back on the field sooner than expected. The Minnesota Vikings running back, who pleaded no contest to reckless assault charges last month is fighting back against his indefinite suspension from the National Football League for disciplining his 4-year-old son by hitting the boy with a switch. The Vikings haven’t been able to use Peterson in most games this season, which is impacting the NFL betting odds on the team. Minnesota is 5-7 and almost eliminated from all playoff contention.

While Peterson will face no jail time, the NFL suspended the player for the rest of the season, however, Peterson is ready to fight back, as he is in New York to appeal the suspension.

Despite the ton of animosity this case has generated, Peterson is hoping that the NFL’s recent decision to overturn their indefinite suspension against Ray Rice is an indicator that Peterson may have a chance of getting his suspension reversed. Rice, the Baltimore Ravens star who was suspended indefinitely for hitting his wife in an elevator, was recently reinstated after the NFL ruled that he can’t get two punishments for the same violation to the rules. Rice was originally suspended two games and then received a more severe punishment after a security video was released. However, the double jeopardy argument isn’t likely to help Peterson’s case because his suspension was the first and only punishment he received from the league. While Rice faced a former federal judge with no NFL affiliation, Peterson is making his appeal case to Judge Harold Henderson, a longtime counsel to the NFL.  However, an alleged conversation between Peterson and NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent could play a major role in the appeal hearing. The appeal will be held behind closed-doors and it is unclear how long they will last.

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