Rex Ryan pays a hefty price for his 2nd recorded F-bomb

sad rex

Looks like New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan didn’t learn his lesson back in 2011 when he dropped a classy “shut the f— up,” on a Patriots fan who told him that Bill Belichick is a better coach.

Back then, he was slapped with a $75K fine as a result – a little higher than the $50K he was fined (by his own team) for flipping the bird at a 2010 MMA event.

In this latest incident, we’re not sure know what was said to him, but cameras and microphones caught Rex firing off an ‘f–k you’ at someone, presumably on the Steelers, off-camera after the Jets’ win last Sunday.

This one will cost him a whopping $100K.

Simple math tells us that Rex has contributed $225,000 to one really big swear jar over the past 4 years. Enjoy the endless ‘f–k you’ loop in GIF splendor…


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