Congresswoman wants Kurt Busch suspended

NASCAR Winter Testing - Day 2

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) is calling on NASCAR to step in and punish racer Kurt Busch amid accusations of domestic violence against his former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.

On Wednesday, court documents revealed that Driscoll told authorities back in September that Busch grabbed her face and repeatedly smashed her head against a wall while in his motor home at Dover International Speedway, claiming she suffered severe pain, bruising and difficulty breathing after the incident.

Speier called the allegations “horrifying” in a letter to NASCAR president Mike Helton and Stewart-Haas owners Tony Stewart and Gene Haas.

“…Despite the severity of the criminal allegations against Mr. Busch, I am disappointed to see that NASCAR and Stewart-Haas Racing have not taken any action. Your response to these serious allegations has been totally inadequate,” she writes, via Andrew Lawrence of

NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France says they’re waiting for police to complete their investigation before they take any measures, while the accusations are “under review by law enforcement and others, and they have not made a decision on that regarding Kurt. So until they make some judgments on that investigation, it wouldn’t be right of us to just intervene before they’ve even gotten the investigation completed. So that’s our position. We’ll respect their process. It’s in their hands.”

Speier isn’t buying the explanation: “To say that, ‘We’re gonna wait for due process to work’ really is gibberish,” she said. “They see [domestic violence] as a non-issue and they put profits and their drivers ahead of safety and the law.”

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