New NFL deal with Bose means no more Beats headphones on camera


We’re accustomed to seeing NFL players practicing, at pre-game warmups and even in commercials (Colin Kaepernick) with Beats by Dre headphones on, but that’s apparently all about to stop…. at least in the photos and video we see often.

The NFL has a new deal with Bose, who is now the “official sound of the NFL,” and that means Bose’s competitors need to be out of the picture… literally.

Per USA TODAY Sports: ‘…players can no longer wear the popular Beats by Dre headphones during warmups, televised interviews, or pretty much any other event having to do with the NFL.

The restriction includes training camps and practice sessions, and also extends up to 90 minutes after the game has been played. Bose’s agreement figuratively and literally pushes all other competitors off the field of play.’

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