Byron Scott: Kobe wouldn’t make a good coach


Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott has the tough task of getting his team back to playoffs after missing out last season, and a healthy Kobe Bryant is where it all begins.

Scott is impressed with Kobe’s progress:

“I’m expecting him to play 82 games and play well,” Scott said, via USA TODAY Sports. “To be honest with you, he’s a guy who’s going to still probably average 23, 24 points (per game). Our biggest thing is making sure he stays healthy.”

Bryant, who’s contract with the Lakers ends in 2015-16, is now 36 and no spring chicken as they say. Retirement could likely be on horizon.

After his career on the court, would Kobe consider being a coach?

Scott thinks it’s probably a bad idea.

“He’s too tough,” Scott said Tuesday, via Yahoo! Sports. “He would probably be a whole lot more demanding than Pat Riley, myself and guys like that. It would be tough. Plus, he would expect guys to play like him, to have that type of passion that he has for the game. And to have the love for the game that he has and to have that commitment.

“Guys today just don’t have that like he does,” he added. “He’s just a dying breed. I don’t think he would bode well if he wanted to coach.”


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