Chris Carlin on Derek Jeter: ‘This clown’s a fraud and you are all suckers’ host Chris Carlin went on an epic rant over Derek Jeter and his so-called retirement tour after a new Gatorade commercial featuring Jeter went viral on Thursday.

“Yo, this clown’s a fraud… and you are all suckers,” Carlin said.This is now grand commercial No. 2 on the farewell tour. And it’s not just the tour — Mariano Rivera did that. It’s not just that Derek Jeter’s doing commercials.”

“It’s that this has never been what Derek Jeter has been about. He has been about team, not me. He has never let us into his personal life because he’s always been about the team. He frankly is being a complete fraud right now.”

The new commercial, which shows Jeter jumping out of a cab and walking to Yankee Stadium to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” was the last straw for Carlin, who’s been going on a daily Jeter rant or two as of late.

He also took offense to Jeter appearing at Stan’s Sports Bar in the ad, where he wouldn’t have been “caught dead” had Gatorade not handed him a boatload of money, he argued.

“What a complete and utter joke,” he said. “And here’s the other thing I can’t take: I can’t take this notion that Derek didn’t want this, the Yankees wanted this, Derek’s not comfortable with this. He looked pretty damn comfortable to me as he’s collecting the checks, and I’m shocked he’s not hurt from patting himself on the back all year.”

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