Video: Rookie Finch’s kickoff return and fumble that had Bill Belichick like ‘WTF?’

Receiver Julian Edelman discusses the proper way to field a punt with rookie RB Roy Finch

As a rookie free agent being pulled aside on the sideline for a stern talking to by head coach Bill Belichick, you just know you did something awfully boneheaded.

We get it – it’s the first pre-season game of your rookie career. You want to impress… but sometimes a young player will tend to overdo it and lose their head in the process… oh and lose the ball too in this case.

The former Oklahoma Sooner blasted out of the end zone for what looked like a nice run in the making. He shed a few Redskins defenders, then proceeded to go juke crazy when it was time to grab as many yards as you can by turning on the jets to outrun a few more defenders. He unwisely slammed on the brakes and was sticking the ball out as if he was inviting someone to just go ahead take it.

Guess what happened…

Fortunately, the Redskins were penalized on the play, and coach put Finch, who has a lot of potential right back in. (Video per Finch also muffed a punt in the game, which he managed to fall on and recover.

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