Painting: Tom Brady and ‘Gazelle’ Bundchen?

Richmond artist Jeromyah Jones has a pretty twisted way of interpreting his vision into a painting.

Take for instance this one of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, decked out in some dapper formal attire as a red carpet flows through a football field… Oh, and there’s a Gazelle just chilling in there too.

Wait, Gazelle sounds kind like Gisele, as in Tom’s beloved wife.

“That’s his wife,” the artist told USA TODAY’s For the Win. “It symbolizes his wife, Gisele, and the graceful nature that she possesses. The red carpet that bridges the gap between their two professions, the modeling world and the sports world. I didn’t just want to show him in the uniform. I wanted to show the loves of his life, football and his wife.”

tom brady and gazelle

Ahh, ok I see it now… Thanks for sharing Jeromyah!


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