Johnny Manziel hurls a middle finger at Redskins sideline

Looks like Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is intent on keeping his college bad boy image intact as he embarks on hopefully a successful NFL career.

No money signs were flashed in-game just yet by Johnny Football, but his frustration seemed to boil over at the constant trash talking he was getting hit with from the Washington Redskins on Monday night. (Note: I can’t believe that in this day and age, the middle finger is still censored!!!) Get used to it Johnny Boy….

“I get words exchanged with me throughout the entirety of the game every game, week after week,” Manziel said, via “Should have been smarter, it was a Monday Night Football game … just need to be smarter about that.”

“I was informed of it after the game and it’s disappointing,” head coach Mike Pettine said after the game. “That’s what we talk about, is being poised and being focused. You have to be able to maintain your poise. All football players, especially the quarterback, we have to keep our compsure, so it’s something that we’ll obviously address.”

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