Gatorade ‘League of Captains’ bottles feature Peyton Manning, Cam Newton

[Per Gatorade] ‘Last year, Gatorade teamed with DC Entertainment to develop digital comics featuring Cam Newton and JJ Watt, respectively.

This year, Watt and Newton are joined by Robert Griffin III, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning to form “The League of Captains.” Each captain has their own limited-time-only Gatorade bottle as well as a digital comic and a cool Gatorade video.’

Cam Newton works hard. The Blender works so hard that frankly it’s a little uncomfortable.

After a big day, Blender and Sheriff cool off in an ice bath. Things get, icy.

Check out the League of Captains

Gatorade’s League of Captains bottles are in stores while supplies last.

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