Patriots on Belichick, Hernandez texts: 34 msgs, not 33 pages

bill-aaron txts

The New England Patriots are clarifying an initial media report that authorities have 33 pages full of text messages between head coach Bill Belichick and his disgraced former tight end Aaron Hernandez.

Try 34 texts, not 33 pages.

“Earlier this week, a report indicated that an exchange of text messages between the team’s head coach and Mr. Hernandez totaled 33 pages,” team lawyer Andrew Phelan said, via Shalise Manza-Young of the Boston Globe.  “While it is unknown how the texts were printed or displayed, I thought it was important to clarify that during an early investigation conducted by state prosecutors, the team produced a total of 34 text messages (not pages of texts) spanning a period of five months (December 2012 — May 2013) between the head coach and Mr. Hernandez.”


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