NASCAR takes away parts from Denny Hamlin’s Brickyard car, possible penalties


NASCAR confiscated parts from Denny Hamlin’s third-place car at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and warned of possible penalties coming his way, reports Jeff Gluck of USA TODAY Sports.

Hamlin’s No. 11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota “could have some possible issues” with several rear firewall block-off plates, said NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp. The plates protect the driver from fire, smoke and fluids, but also can be illegally modified to allow airflow, increasing aerodynamics.

“We’re going to take those parts and pieces back to the R&D Center (in North Carolina) and look at them at the first of the week,” Tharp said.

Any penalties will be announced on Tuesday, Tharp added.

“NASCAR took a look at some parts — parts they mandate we use,” he said. “Who knows? You never know what they’re thinking,” Hamlin’s crew chief ​Darian Grubb said.

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