Montana passes to DeBartolo for final Candlestick Park TD

For one last time at Candlestick Park, and  in fitting fashion, former 49ers great Joe Montana hit former owner Eddie DeBartolo for a touchdown. The team moves to the new Levi’s Stadium this season.

Montana wanted the owner to be the last person to score a TD at Candlestick, a move that well, moved DeBartolo: “It’s a dream come true to get everybody back here,” he said. “And have a fitting end to this stadium. It’s a special place that has great, great memories for us that will last forever.”

The Legends of Candlestick flag football game pitted the 49ers legends against All-Stars from NFL history. (Dan Marino, Drew Bledsoe and Dave Krieg were the visitor quarterback.), per CBS Sports.

“It was so cool to see everybody, players you played with and some that you just met, and all the fans,” receiver Dwight Clark said. “I tried to get in shape the last few months, but I kept pulling something or another. I feel like I am letting my teammates down.”

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