Modell family is pissed off at grave urinator, wants to press charges


The family of Art Modell isn’t finding a fan’s twisted way to pay his respects at the grave of Art by rigging up some tubing down his leg to take a big wee wee on the former Browns-Ravens owner so funny.

The video has been removed from YouTube, but (and us sort of, via luckily still has a copy.

“To some people, the man in that grave is Art Modell,” son David Modell said, via Jon Meoli of the Baltimore Sun. “But to me, my brother, my children, and my wife, that’s their father. That’s their grandfather. . . . Can any of your readers imagine, for one second, seeing someone do that to your parents’ grave?

“The act is so offensive, and I’d like to publicly say, isn’t enough enough? When is enough enough? It’s a vile, piggish act of online cowardice by Mr. BrownsFan4Life.”

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