Lolo Jones’ reaction to US-Portugal tie: Elation to sadness in 30 seconds

Olympic athlete Lolo Jones captured just about every USA fan’s reaction (albeit in some ever so tight patriotic pants… Ahem… where was I) to the team’s World Cup game against Portugal on Sunday that unfortunately ended in a tie,

“I went from this TO this… in 30 seconds,” she wrote, via Instagram:

Per LATimes: ‘And it all happened in an instant. With just second left in the five minutes awarded for second-half stoppage, Michael Bradley was stripped at the center circle and Portugal was off for one final rush. Cristiano Ronaldo, the reigning world player of the year who had been kept under wraps all night, suddenly found space up the right side, then bent a picture-perfect cross into the box.

There it found the head of a diving Varela, who had gotten behind central defender Geoff Cameron. Before the U.S. could pick the ball out of the net and dash back to the center circle, the game had been whistled over. That’s an abrupt U turn for a team that, 15 minutes earlier, appeared to have made history with Clint Dempsey’s goal in the 81st minute. The U.S. has never qualified for the knockout round of a World Cup in its second group-play game.’

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