Hank Baskett about to get released – from his marriage after transsexual tryst


Looks like Hank Baskett is about to get the same treatment he’s accustomed to in his pro career – getting cut.

Only this latest release has to do with his marriage to former Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkerson, as RadarOnline reports that Baskett was seen leaving the home the two share together with their son and newborn baby girl, bags in hand and headed for an extended hotel stay.

Radar previously reported that Baskett hooked up with with a transsexual model, now revealed as Ave Sabrina London, while Wilkinson was roughly eight months pregnant with their baby daughter, Alijah.

Per Radar: ‘ Baskett and London first met up “around April 22 in Sherman Oaks, California,” an insider told Radar. “He called her twice before they met in person. He said he’d seen her YouTube videos online, and he couldn’t believe that her photos were real.” Baskett used a phony name in setting up the rendezvous, the insider said, claiming he’d never been with a transsexual prior to their hook-up.

“They mutually masturbated and he touched her breasts and penis,” the source claims. “The entire encounter lasted probably about 15, 20 minutes. Before leaving, he gave her almost $500 and told her he wanted to stay in touch.” ‘

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