Former Bills QB Kevin Kolb arrested on suspicion of boating under the influence


According to, former Bills, Cardinals and Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb was arrested in Willacy County, Texas on the suspicion of boating under the influence.

Yes, my friends, that’s what they call a BUI.

According to, the incident apparently occurred around 2:45 a.m. on Saturday – you know, perfect boating time. He was released from jail later in the day after paying a $3,000 bond.

Kolb, 29, entered the league in 2007 (36th overall) with the Eagles, made his way to Arizona before his final stop in Buffalo where he was released in March. He played in zero regular season games with the team after suffering a preseason concussion in 2013.

The highlight of his career was slipping on a mat rubber mat walking onto the team’s practice field, injuring his knee. Now he can hang his hat on this one.

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