Bills pushing for 11am beer sales


On the surface, it looks like the Buffalo Bills want fans to be just a little drunker for 1pm kickoffs, as they’ve been lobbying the New York State Legislature to allow earlier beer sales at Ralph Wilson Stadium before game time, according to the Buffalo News.

The idea is to have fans consuming alcohol inside the stadium, thus creating a more a ‘controlled environment,’ rather than fans running amuck in the parking lot totally sh*-tfaced, we suppose.

Under the current law, they can’t sell beer until noon for 1 p.m. games. The team is pushing for the state to allow 11am sales. Most teams allow beer sales 90 minutes prior to kickoff of 1pm games.

It’s also probably worthy to note that Pabst Brewing Company owner C. Dean Metropoulos is interested in buying the team, although we’re not too keen on the prospect of having Blue Ribbon on tap. NASCAR maybe, but football in upstate New York?

This is the second attempt to convince the state to change the bill. The first was two years ago, but it obviously filed, according to the paper. The current legislative session is set to close June 19th.

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