2014 World Cup: Let the protests begin!


170,00o extra security forces were brought in for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil this year, and they’re expecting plenty of trouble.

Anti-FIFA demonstrations have begun around the host city, with police helicopters hovering over a protest of 300 people only 3 miles from the stadium…

Per Sarah M. Kazadi, CBS Sports: ‘The military on the ground stifled any attempts to march down Melo Freire, the straight-shoot route to Arena Corinthians, the site of the opener for the 32-team international soccer tournament… fireworks were replaced by the explosion of tear gas bombs the military threw to disperse the crowd. Guards marched towards protesters, and rubber bullets pelted those not willing to clear the area.’

“We’ll continue to fight, regardless, against this government’s reckless spending and injustice,” said protester Callo Costa. “Cup or not, we’ll continue to fight against the loss of respect and the loss of dignity we deserve.”

Oh, what a happy event.





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