Meet ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ Lonnie Ballentine


And with the 256th and final pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans (who had the very first pick), selects Memphis safety Lonnie Ballentine!

Sure, it sounds insulting, but come on – you’ve just become a professional football player (at least for the time being), and should make more than a lot of doctors. Plus, as “Mr. Irrelevant,” you get a free trip Newport Beach, CA to take part in their annual festivities of irrelevance. Sweet deal, no?

Per John Breech of CBS Sports: ‘ On July 8, Ballentine will make the trip to Newport Beach to launch ‘Mr. Irrelevant Week.’ The week involves a sailing regatta, a tour of Disneyland and a trip to a Dodgers or Angels game.

There’s also an event where sports stars and celebrities will roast the newest Mr. Irrelevant. So Ballentine has that to look forward too. It’s not just fun and games in Newport Beach either, the weeklong event also raises money for charity. ‘

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