Donald Trump will bid on Buffalo Bills


Millionaire, billionaire, the guy with the really thin hair, whatever you call him, Donald Trump has announced that he will indeed, as it’s been speculated, put his bid in to buy the Buffalo Bills.

We are going to put in a bid,” Trump said at the National Press Club (via USA TODAY Sports). “I don’t know what’s going to happen in Buffalo. If the price isn’t the right price, then I won’t get it, and I won’t be ashamed of it … But if I get it, I think I’ll probably do a good job.”

And there’s good news, Bills fans – if he does buy the team, he’ll keep them in Buffalo (if you still want them):

“He has made it quite clear that if he purchases the team, he intends to keep it in Buffalo,” Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy told USA TODAY Sports in April. “And he believes he’s the only owner or ownership group who’d come forward and say that.”

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