Churchill Downs: Wes Welker owes us $15,000


Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker was as giddy as can be following the collection of his winnings at the 2014 Kentucky Derby, handing out $100 bills to complete strangers in celebration.

But TMZ reports that due to a machine malfunction, Welker was overpaid $15,000, and now Churchill Downs wants it back.

But Welker is scoffing at the request, refusing to pay up, telling the Dan Patrick Show something to that effect on Friday.

Per Will Brinson, CBS Sports: ‘Welker also added Churchill Downs wouldn’t have contacted him if he’d been underpaid so it’s not fair to demand money in return for a mistake. While the wideout might have a point, here’s betting Churchill Downs doesn’t see it that way.’

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