Cheerleader claims Jets paid her only $150 per game


A former New York Jets cheerleader is claiming she received a less-than-minimum wage salary and had to come out of her own pocket ($45) every week to straighten her hair, as required by the team.

Identified only as Krystal C, the class-action lawsuit was filed in New Jersey on Tuesday, reports Gary Mihoces of USA TODAY Sports.

Krystal C says she was paid only $150 per game, but no pay for any extra duties she performed during the week as a member of the Jets Flight Crew in 2012.

“I think that it’s an important issue. It bespeaks a culture that does not value the work that the women are doing for the team,” Krystal’s attorney Patricia Pierce said. “Not to say that they should be paid the same amount as the athletes, but at least they are entitled to minimum wage if not more.”

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