Bruce Arians does NOT want to be picked for ‘Hard Knocks’


The Arizona Cardinals and head coach Bruce Arians are one of the teams eligible to be picked (forced) to do HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this year, and if the NFL’s listening, Arians is basically sending out a cry of ‘please, please don’t pick us.’

The Cardinals haven’t reached the playoffs in the last 2 years, don’t a have a new head coach and haven’t been on the show in the last 10 years – so they can very well to be selected and forced to participate, like it or not.

“I don’t watch reality TV,” Arians said, via the Arizona Republic. “It does nothing for me so I don’t really want to be on reality TV. I would have to change totally how I coach. It would not be acceptable to a lot of people, and I’ve been down the road with some people.”

If selected, Arians says the NFl is in for a fight: “I think it’s a total distraction to what you’re trying to accomplish,” he explained, “because everything about Hard Knocks is getting on television and being an individual. And it’s a team game.”

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