Teddy Bridgewater continues to suck, disappoints with private workouts

Teddy Bridgewater

As if Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater didn’t suck enough during his Pro Day Workout, his private workouts are sucking just as bad, reports ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

The private workouts “have also gone very shakily,” Mortensen said, via Rotoworld:

“Mort believes Bridgewater’s forthcoming draft-day slide won’t occur solely because of his Pro Day.  He says Bridgewater’s private passing sessions with teams have been underwhelming, too.  Mortensen added that teams remain concerned with Bridgewater’s smallish hands.  Once considered the likely No. 1 overall pick, Bridgewater’s fall could ultimately mimic Geno Smith’s from last year. “

It now certainly looks like Bridgewater will continue to slide down the board up until May’s draft date. Someone will take him, but who and where is anyone’s guess at this point.

Michael David Smith, PFT: ” However, all it takes is one team to love Bridgewater, and he’ll still be a high first-round pick.

And it’s easy to see why a team would love Bridgewater: He was an excellent player at Louisville. Anyone would rather have a player who excels on the field but struggles in workouts than a player who struggles on the field but excels in workouts. “

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