Kid Looks For Answers From Jesus Regarding The Mets


We are only a week into the 2014 MLB regular season, but the New York Mets are already off to an unimpressive start. Young fan (or young troll perhaps?) Charlie turned to a higher power while looking for answers about the comically bad Mets.  When given the opportunity at Church, Charlie asked Jesus : “Why did you make the Mets so bad?”

Someone needs to tell the kid that having a little patience will go a long way. After all, judging by the hand writing, he certainly can’t remember each and every terrible Mets team in the past. And he definitely can’t remember the teams that made the World Series.

Of course, the season for the Mets keeps on getting worse thanks to injuries, as closer Bobby Parnell will miss the rest of 2014 with Tommy John surgery. With future ace Matt Harvey also out, maybe Charlie really is on to something. Hopefully he knows enough not to trust any New York Mets on his fantasy baseball.

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