John Gruden slobbers all over Johnny Manziel like only John Gruden can


The former coach that has something overly nice to say about each and every NFL player mentioned on Monday Night Football, is back it… Only this time, he’s all over soon-to-be NFL QB Johnny Manziel.

“I’d love to have him, as a coach,” John Gruden told USA TODAY Sports.

“It takes courage to pull the ball down and reverse field and do some of the crazy things that Favre and Manziel do,” Gruden added, who worked with Favre in Green Bay from 92-94. “There’s going to be consequences when sometimes it doesn’t work out. But it takes a tremendous amount of guts and courage to go make a play when there’s nothing there instead of throwing the ball away.”

The slobbering wasn’t over: “Johnny has a lot of magic to him. There’s not a more exciting college football player I’ve seen in the last few years…

“He’s got more guts than most guys have.”

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