Titans DE busted, tried to buy sex for $100

Adewale Ojomo mugshot

What’s this world coming to??? An paid-very-well NFL player has to solicit a prostitute for sex?

Geesh, you couldn’t just hit up a club and tell women you’re an NFL player?

You could get laid for free, ya know?

But for some apparent reason, Tennessee Titan DE Adewale Ojomo hit the ho stroll in Miami for some love, but ended up soliciting an undercover police officer who’s part of the city’s re-instituted vice squad, reports the Miami Herald.

“You got condoms? I need to get some,” Ojomo told the female undercover detective, offering $100 for sex, according to the report.

Ojomo was arrested by Miami’s newly re-instituted vice squad. His 2013 Lexus was impounded. He’ll have to pay $500 to get the car back from police.


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