An MMA mother’s love: Mom climbs cage to check on knocked out son


Pretty sure I haven’t seen something like this in an MMA fight… or a boxing match, or any other sporting event for that matter.

This story and video comes from Bluegrass MMA. The amateur fighter Joe fisher was quickly knocked out during at match with Caleb Frasher at OFC: 20 March Massacre II in Columbus, Ohio, and Fisher’s mom just couldn’t bare to watch (from the stands at least):

Per Bluegrass MMA: The highlight of the night, however, came in the third fight when something unprecedented occurred. The fight was between Caleb Frasher and Joe Fisher. After the fight was over Fisher’s mother climbed the cage, to tend to her son who went to sleep during a rear-naked choke. She scaled the entire cage which stands nearly 9′ from the ground, rushed over to her son where she was greeted by Mark Matheny. The police had to escort her out of the cage while the medics took care of Fisher.


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