49ers’ Culliver busted after hit-and-run incident


San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver is in a world of trouble after a hit-and-run accident that was followed up by him brandishing some brass knuckles, a weapons-possession felony charge.

It all started when Culliver struck a bicyclist with his car and fled, reports San Jose, CA’s KTVU-TV.

A witness reportedly saw the accident and followed Culliver’s car, cornered the cornerback (hee hee) and blocked him from leaving.

That’s when Culliver got of his car, threatened the witness with the brass knuckles, and then took off again, striking the witness’ car – another hit-and-run!

Police were able to arrive on the scene in time to arrest Culliver and book him into Santa Clara County jail on charges of a felony hit-and-run for striking the bicyclist, reckless driving causing an injury, felony possession of brass knuckles and misdemeanor hit-and run-for striking the vehicle.

He made bail ($36,000) at about 5:15 pm Friday and was picked up by a woman in a white minivan. He didn’t speak to reporters.

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