Alleged Spygate cameraman’s Super Bowl ring hits the auction block


Matt Estrella, the intern who was allegedly responsible for doing all the sideline camerawork for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots during the so-called ‘Spygate’ scandal, will have his prized Super Bowl XXXIX ring put up for auction, reports Darren Rovell of

The one ring to record them all was apparently sold in May 2012 to the person who consigned the ring to Goldin Auctions.

Estrella, who worked for the team as an assistant in the their video department until 2009, was ratted out by former Belichick protégé and then New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini, who hipped the league to the sideline taping of his defensive coaches’ signals.

The Pats were slammed with a hefty punishment, including a loss of a first round draft pick, a $250,000 team fine and a special $500,000 fine for Bill Belichick.

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