Russell Wilson showered during Super Bowl halftime


In Russell Wilson’s case, unlike Wes Welker, he could’ve taken a 40-minute shower and NOT missed the second half of the game.

The Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks quarterback tells the Dan Patrick Show that there was a reason why he looked so clean and refreshed after the extended halftime festivities.

“This is what I did at halftime, and a lot guys did too: I took my whole uniform off and took a shower,” Wilson said. “Halftime is about 45 minutes so I took a shower, re-taped everything, got my arm stretched again and then we got into a whole other stretch again.”

“That kind of restarted our minds again,” he added. “So we came out of halftime, it felt like it was a brand new game. So that’s why I think we played so well and everyone was just clicking on all cylinders and we played a great football game.”

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