Bill Belichick at Pebble Beach: Football easier than golf


New England Patriots head coach took a break from his rigid NFL season personality while he competes in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, reports Kevin Patra of

Bill’s been paired up with Broncos QB Peyton Manning, so he’s probably feeling good compared to a miserable Manning that suffered such a strong Super Bowl XLVIII beat down.

On Saturday, coach Belichick explained to The Golf Channel just how difficult golf is compared to football.

“Yeah, I mean there is a lot more pressure here playing golf because it’s just you,” he said. “I was talking to Tom and Peyton, actually, I played both of them this week, we were just commenting on how much easier it is to play football where we sort of know what we’re doing versus coming out here, where it’s just you, no teammates.”

“The difference is in football, if it’s third-and-5, and we gain four yards at home, the fans boo,” he said. “Here, no matter how far into the woods you hit it, probably the worst you’ll get is an, ‘Ooooooooooooooooooh.’ The fans aren’t quite as intense.”


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