NJ Gov Chris Christie roasts Boomer Esiason


New Jersey governor Chris Christie, apparently in an effort to make New Jersey relevant in Super Bowl festivities (or perhaps to get people forget about his recent scandals), popped in for a surprise visit to the Friar’s Club to help roast former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason.

Among Christie’s jabs at the former Jets, Bengals and Cardinals QB:

“I’ve seen bigger stars after bumping my head. What happened? Were Screech and dog from ‘Frasier’ busy today?”

“I’ll do anything for Super Bowl-winning quarterback Boomer Esiason and then I said, ‘you know, he didn’t win that game, did he? That was Joe Montana … It’s OK Boomer, I’m sure it’s no big deal … I noticed Dan Marino’s not laughing over there either.”


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