Modell’s Pats AFC Champ gear to be donated to a third-world country


Remember those 19-0 shirts from 2007? Looks like Modell’s premature stocking of their shelves with New England Patriots 2014 AFC Championship T-shirts and other items will suffer the same fate.

These lucky Nicaraguan children were the recipients of unsellable swag in 2007.

According to the Boston Herald, the Sporting goods chain gambled a whopping $500,000 on New England advancing to the Super Bowl, even putting them for sale in select stores, including New York City.

“We took a tremendous risk, but you know what? People expect us to have the merchandise,” a source told the Herald prior to the game. “We printed up everything: hats, shirts, T-shirts, novelties, pennants — you name it — for men, women, kids.”

The Herald also reports that the swag will be donated to a third-world country.
“We’re not allowed to sell it,” a source told the paper.

Hey, at least it’s a tax write-off.

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