Hulk Hogan returns with more support for Patriots


Wrestler Hulk Hogan isn’t backing down brother, in his support for the New England Patriots after he gave a shout out to tight end Matthew Mulligan, who’s the proud owner of a championship wrestling belt purchased from Hogan’s Beach Shop, writes Steve Silva of

The presence of the belt will bring “victory after victory after victory” for the Pats, according to Hogan.

“First things first Jack, to be in the NFL you’ve got to be a bad man,” Hogan proclaims. “But to be on the New England Patriot team, you have to be an elite athlete at all times. But one man stands out, probably one of the smartest men I’ve ever heard of, and that is Matthew Mulligan. He was smart enough to order a piece of Hulk Hogan to put in the Patriots dressing room, brother. That means, you have an extra edge. That means you have that extra advantage. That means that you’re gonna have victory after victory after victory brother.”

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