Broncos’ Eric Decker ran into an ‘invisible fence’ on return

Denver Broncos receiver Eric Decker broke free on a punt return with a clear path to an easy touchdown, with only had one man to beat – himself.

Decker’s feet failed him big time as he tripped himself up, incurring a lot ribbing from teammates after the win. Imagine if they lost the game… I’m thinking it wouldn’t be quite as funny.

Decker joked that he ran into an “invisible fence” on the play which he netted 45 yards, per the Associated Press:

Asked if he received more congratulations from friends for moving on to face the Patriots on Sunday or his tackle of himself, Decker laughed and said: “More of a hard time for tripping myself. … That’s something to be proud of.”

It’s the second time something like that has happened to Decker, too, and against the Chargers in both instances, no less. Last season, Decker caught a pass from Peyton Manning and had no one in his path for a score, but stumbled over the 45-yard line.

The divisional playoff contest against San Diego wasn’t exactly one of Decker’s finest performances. He also had a pass from Manning bounce off him in the end zone that led to an interception and later bobbled an onside kick that San Diego recovered. He finished with just two catches for 32 yards.

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