Strip club busted for selling fake Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots gear

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Brocton, Massachusetts police and homeland security officers raided the Foxy Lady strip club on Friday, seizing a variety of fake Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots gear that they were peddling in exchange for lap dances, reports the Boston Herald.

“We seized various boxes of sports shirts,” Brockton police Lt. Paul Bonanca said. “The same jerseys sometimes sell for $200 at the store.”

Police say they seized about $10,000 worth of the fake gear, and some employees were even wearing some of the knock-off team shirts when they showed up for the raid.

Bonanca told the Herald the club bought the poor-quality rip-offs for $3 to $5 each and then sold them to customers for $10 or as a free souvenir with two lap dances. Bonanca said the owner, who was cooperative, will likely receive a court summons for possession of counterfeit goods.

Strip club owner Frank Caswell declined comment, citing Homeland Security investigators.

“I was instructed not to speak to anyone about this,” he said.

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Boston sports fans might remember the Foxy Lady as former Red Sox first baseman Mo Vaughn’s favorite gentleman’s club during his days in New England, where he would even show up occasionally for breakfast. On Jan. 9, 1998, at 2:15 a.m., Vaughn was involved in a car accident and arrested for drunken driving after returning home alone from a night at the Foxy Lady. His Ford pickup truck hit a disabled and empty 1986 Ford Escort in a breakdown lane off Route 95 in Norwood, Mass. The truck flipped but Vaughn suffered only a small cut on his back. State police officers arrested him, they said, after he failed field sobriety tests. Vaughn refused to submit to breath analysis. In a later trial, Vaughn was found not guilty and only fined $100 for driving outside the marked lanes.

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