No Steelers logo found on Eagles-themed plane

The internet fell victim to another hoax as a picture was posted of a US Airways plane that had a small Pittsburgh Steelers logo in the eagle’s eye of an aircraft with an Eagles paint scheme, presumably inserted there by someone on the maintenance crew as the plane was being worked on in Pittsburgh.


That prompted the airline to check out the plane.

“The rumors of Steelers decals on board the Eagles aircraft appear to be greatly exaggerated,” US Airways spokesman Todd Lehmacher wrote in an email, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We just had our stellar team of aviation maintenance technicians survey the aircraft a short while ago while the Eagles plane was on the ground in Philadelphia and they report back that, after a comprehensive search of the fuselage, tail and wings, no Steelers logos have been detected.”

Per the Post-Gazette:
The photos of the Eagles plane with Pittsburgh’s blue, red and gold hypocycloids planted firmly in the eagle’s eye on the tail of the plane were tweeted by Washington Post sports reporter Kent Babb and picked up by several sports websites.

Mr. Babb said his father-in-law is a US Airways pilot and sent him the photo, though his father-in-law did not take it and was unsure of its exact origin.

“He just told me over the weekend that it had been worked on in Pittsburgh and left with that Steelers logo,” Mr. Babb wrote in an email.

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