ESPN Cleveland Radio/TV host Tony Rizzo arrested


Medina, Ohio police officers were called to the home of Tony Rizzo, host of The Really Big Show on ESPN Radio and The Rizzo TV Show in Cleveland on Friday night.

The police say Rizzo’s wife called to report he was drunk and hitting her, according to Fox 8 Cleveland.

The 911 recording:  “My husband is hurting me, and he’s very irate and I’m really scared.”

The dispatcher then asked, “Hurting you how?”

Mrs. Rizzo responded, “Choking me, hitting my face. I’m locked in the bathroom right now.”

When asked if her husband was drunk, Rizzo’s wife said, “Yes, we’ve been drinking.”

The dispatcher then asked, “What is he doing now?”

Mrs. Rizzo responded, “He was beating on the door, but he left when he heard that I was calling you.”

When asked if there were any weapons in the house, Rizzo’s wife said, “There’s a gun upstairs.”

Rizzo of course was charged of domestic violence, and on Monday his lawyer filed a not guilty plea on his behalf.  Rizzo also sent a text message to Fox 8 News declined to comment on the incident.

Statement from WKNR:
“We do not believe it is appropriate to comment on Tony’s personal life. Tony is an exemplary teammate and member of the community and his status with us is unaffected.”

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