Ron Rivera looks to trademark ‘Riverboat Ron’


Gotta strike while the iron is hot, the old adage goes, and Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera is doing just that.

He recently filed for a trademark on his ‘Riverboat Ron’ moniker, according to The Charlotte Observer. Rivera’s attorney filed paperwork last month for the trademark “Riverboat Ron” under ownership ‘Coach Rivera LLC’. When asked about it, he said it wasn’t “a bad idea.”

“We’re trying to figure it out and it’s out there and people have kind of jumped onto it so I figured what the heck,” Rivera said of giving in to Riverboat Ron. “If it’s going to be out there then let’s see if we can do something in the community with it.”

“We’ll figure something out,” he added. “They’re all worthwhile causes and we really want to see if we can help out in the community.”

Rivera is looking like the genius this season with the Panthers looking like playoff contenders, but something tells me that come this time next season, no one will care about, let alone utter the words “Riverboat Ron.”

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