O.J. Simpson denied new trial


Looks like O.J. Simpson won’t be able to continue his search for the real killers of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman any time soon as a Las Vegas judge has rejected his appeal for a new trial.

The Juice claimed that his previous lawyer botched his armed robbery and kidnapping case, and a judge earlier in the year actually considered his story.

But Clark County District Judge Linda Marie Bell, in her ruling Tuesday said “All grounds in the petition lack merit and, consequently, are denied.”

Simpson can still appeal to the state high court, but if loses that, his only other option would be to take the case to federal courts to argue his constitutional right to effective counsel was violated, according to the Associated Press.

Bell rejected arguments that Simpson received inadequate legal representation during his trial and unsuccessful appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.

“Mr. Simpson’s convictions stem from serious offenses,” she wrote. The judge noted the involvement of six co-conspirators and “weeks” of advance planning.

“Mr. Simpson specifically asked two of his co-conspirators to bring weapons … to show the sellers he meant business,” she said. And the two memorabilia dealers were “lured into a small hotel room” where they were surprised by Simpson’s group.

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