Middle school football team celebrates season at Hooters


What better place could you find to host a middle school football team awards dinner than Hooters?

I hear they have great wings…

That’s where the boys, ranging from ages 12-14, wanted to go, says their coach Randy Burbach. “Our goal was to give them the best experience,” he told USA TODAY Sports.

Last Monday, district athletic director J.P. Soulagnet sent a letter to parents explaining that he implored Burbach to change the venue, but the coach declined and went through with the dinner, attended by about 15 kids, who arrived in a limousine.

“I believe this is a fine venue,” Burbach told The Oregonian. “It’s not a strip club. If you have a dirty mind, you’ll find dirt.”

As a result of Burbach sticking to his guns, he has lost his unpaid position as head coach of the Corbett (Ore.) Middle School football team.

UPDATE: Hooters has offered to pick up the tab for the party and released the following statement. “The Corbett Middle School football players, coaches and their families have earned the right to celebrate a successful, hard-fought season. This Saturday, Nov. 9, Hooters is picking up the tab for an awesome end-of-season football party to honor the team’s gridiron success. To top it all off, Hooters will donate $1,000 along with 20 percent of Saturday’s Jantzen Beach location sales to Corbett Youth Football so that the entire community can join in celebrating the team’s winning season.”

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