Will Ferrell leads USC marching band in full regalia

Actor/comedian Will Ferrell was on the USC campus Monday to join his good friend Craig Pollard to share their careers, friendship and philosophies at their alma mater, at the appropriately titled event, “Will Ferrell and Craig Pollard: A Will-Powered Friendship,” writes Veronica Werhane of neontommy.com.

While there, Ferrell took the opportunity to join the USC marching band, and of course dressed in full Trojans regalia…


Pollard is the co-founder of Global Golf Tour, a successful golf accessories company, and during his senior year at USC he wrote the business plan for Cancer for College, a foundation that has funded nearly $2 million in scholarships for students and families facing the financial hardship of cancer and college. The foundation has been awarding scholarships since 1994, and in 2006 it extended its scholarships to amputees after Pollard lost both legs battling yet another unexpected illness.


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