‘Sky Mirror’ installed at Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys got a nice piece of unique artwork by British-based artist Anish Kapoor that now sits just outside of the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium.

The piece of art is aptly called “Sky Mirror”, and the wife of owner Jerry Jones, Gene, learned of Kapoor’s piece through the artist’s other work, “Cloud Gate” that resides at Millennium Park in Chicago — nicknamed “The Bean.” The bean-shaped sculpture is much bigger than Sky Mirror, but the concept is the same — polished steel with image contortions that make for interesting selfies and other good photo ops.

“I actually got to go to Chicago and see it,” Jones said. “I loved it even more so it’s been in the back of my mind, something that would be a dream come true if we could have something similar to that.”

Per USA TODAY Sports:  ‘At 35 feet (11 meters) in diameter, the piece sits at an angle similar to a satellite dish. Moving clouds are reflected from the side facing the sky, while the underside gives fans contorted reflections of themselves, with the stadium in the background.’





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