Brandon Weeden blocks out the noise over awful interception: ‘I have very good earmuffs on’


Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden made just about the one of the worst interceptions in league history Sunday, and plenty are have a great time at his expense.

The side-armed underhanded flip right into Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy’s hands was one of the defining moments in the Browns’ ugly loss that day, but Weeden would rather forget about the whole thing, and has a great way to ignore the noise.

“I have very good earmuffs on, went out and got about the best ones I could,” said Weeden, via The Plain Dealer. “You can’t listen to it.”

“It’s behind me,” he explained. “Obviously, I didn’t lose any sleep over it. It stung at the time. It will probably always sting. If I go back and watch that game again it will bring back memories. It all happened so fast, like I said on Sunday night, you have to move on from it. You have to be positive. You have to be more consistent. It can’t happen. Just don’t let it happen again. That’s the way I feel about it.”


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