A-Rod claiming ignorance for defense in suspension appeal?


We’ve heard it time and time before – “ignorance is no excuse for the law!”

But according to the New York Daily News, that’s exactly Alex Rodriguez’s stance as he appeals his whopping  211-game suspension:

According to a source with knowledge of Rodriguez’s ongoing arbitration hearings, the embattled Yankee and his lawyers have presented a case based partly on the idea that Rodriguez believed the substances he procured from the Biogenesis anti-aging clinic were innocent legal supplements….

Bosch, who is cooperating with MLB, has spent much of that time validating a vast trove of Biogenesis documents as well as his own electronic communications with Rodriguez. The league believes the evidence reflects a deep dealer-source relationship. If the Biogenesis products were legitimate, MLB argues, why were they so expensive and why were the transactions so secretive?


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