Ump grabs manager by the neck in Taiwanese baseball league


American umpire Brian Kennedy wasn’t having any of it when EDA Rhinos manager Chiung-Lung Huang came out to argue Kennedy tossing his pitcher out of the game.

Huang bumped Kennedy in the chest and it was on from there. The former minor league ump put the choke on Huang as others rushed in to separate them.

Per NESN: ‘ In an even more incredible twist, Kennedy “called the police during the fifth-inning break and announced his intention to press charges against Huang,” according to the United Evening News. Fifteen officers reportedly showed up at the ballpark and requested a written deposition from Huang before Kennedy changed his mind. ‘

In the aftermath, the league is suspending both of them, Kennedy for 10 games and Huang for 3. Not sure if that’s fair – Huang did purposefully chest bump him, didn’t he?

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