Tom Brady puts on NFL insider hat, announces Matt Cassel might start for Vikings


Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder apparently has some sort of rib injury, and there’s talk that he may sit out their London game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. If so, former Patriot and friend of Tom Brady, Matt Cassel would get the start.

Although the team hasn’t announced anything and Ponder’s status is still very much in the air, NFL insider Tom Brady is saying otherwise.

When talking with reporters about his relationship with another former backup Pats QB, Cleveland’s Brian Hoyer, the answer turned to Cassel.

“We have a great relationship and a very close relationship,” Brady said of Hoyer, via “The backup quarterback, there’s only been two of us, Brian and I at one time and now myself and Ryan Mallett. We have a great rapport. I’m friends with all those guys. Matt Cassel, I talk to — he may be starting this weekend.”

While he did say ‘may be’, many are wondering if Brady does indeed know a little more than we do.

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