Partying teens trash the home of former Patriots lineman


Former New England Patriots offensive lineman Brian Holloway learned some disturbing news via Twitter when he saw photos of teenagers partying in his upstate New York home.

At first, he thought it was a hoax until he noticed one the teens standing on the dining room table he bought with his Super Bowl bonus, reports Chris Carola of the Associated Press (via

The Labor Day Party at his home was reportedly attended by about 400 teens as he was at his primary home in Lutz, Florida.

Armed with the Twitter photos, Holloway is now looking to go after these unruly kids.”We were getting eyewitness reports of what was happening while it was happening. We couldn’t believe what was going down,’’ Holloway, who played offensive tackle for the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Raiders in the 1980s, told The Associated Press.

His 19-year-old son, a University of Southern Florida sophomore, alerted him to the party after receiving tweets about it the night of Aug. 31.

‘‘It’s not hard to identify who they were. We’ve got 170 tweets. We have 200 to 220 names already confirmed today. I’m going to go online right now — I guarantee I’ll have 10 more names of people who are sharing who was there, what they did. And that data is all going to the sheriffs,’’ Holloway said.


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